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The research-grade InBody 770 body composition and body water analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis and takes a deeper look into body water.

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Bio electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

Measurement Items Bio electrical Impedance (Z)

30 Impedance Measurements by Using 6 Different Frequencies

(1kH, 5kHz, 50kHz, 250kHz, 500kHz, 1000kHz) at Each of

5 Segments (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, and Left Leg)

Reactance (Xc)

15 Impedance Measurements by Using 3 Different Frequencies

(5kHz, 50kHz, 250kHz) at Each of 5 Segments (Right Arm, Left Arm,

Trunk, Right Leg, and Left Leg)

Electrode Method Tetrapolar 8-Point Tactile Electrodes

Measurement Method Direct Segment Multi-frequency Bio electrical Impedance Analysis Method (DSM-BIA)

Simultaneous Multi-frequency Impedance Measurement (SMFIM)

Specifications are subject to be changed without prior notice.

Applied Rating Current 80μA A(±10μA)

Adapter Manufacture Bridge Power Corp.

Model JMW140KA1240F02 or BPM040S12FXX

Power Input AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.2A

Power Output DC 12V, 3.4A

Display Type 800 × 480 10.2inch Color TFT LCD

Internal Interface Touchscreen, Keypad

External Interface RS-232C 4EA, USB HOST 2EA, USB SLAVE 1EA, LAN (10T) 1EA,

Bluetooth 1EA, Wi-Fi 1EA

Compatible Printer Laser/Inkjet Printers (Printers recommended by InBody)

* A list of printers compatible with the InBody770 can be found at

Dimension 526 (W) × 854 (L) × 1175 (H): mm

20.7 (W) × 33.6 (L) × 46.3 (H): inch

Equipment Weight 38kg (83.8lbs)

Testing Time About 60 seconds

Operation Environment 10 ~ 40℃ (50 ~ 104℉), 30 ~ 75% RH, 70 ~ 106kPa

Storage Environment -10 ~ 70℃ (14 ~ 158℉), 10 ~ 80% RH, 50 ~ 106kPa (No Condensation)

Testing Weight Range 10 ~ 270kg (22.0 ~ 595lbs)

Testing Age Range 3~99 years

Height Range 95 ~ 220cm (3ft. 1.40in. ~ 7ft. 2.61in.)